Gledswood Hills - Anita

Gledswood Hills Best Agent -If you want the Job done Patrick Boyce is your man, I used Patrick Boyce to sell my home in Gledswood Hills and he was outstanding, professional, extremely attentive, dedicated, respectful and courteous . Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. Patrick stood out as the best Gledswood Hills has to offer. I spoke with Patrick and then met with him at my home. He spent precious time answering my questions, providing objective data regarding how many homes they sell, how long their listings typically stay on the market, and providing tons of info on previous listings in the area. I was concerned that my house, which was located in a neighbourhood with hundreds of similar homes would be tough to sell. Patrick made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps on advising us on the best strategy also having professional photographs taken made all the difference When I saw my listing I was blown away. His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off - My listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. The first buyer that saw the property put in an offer and went under contract the same day. I received exactly what i wanted and exactly what Patrick estimated it should sell for. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. I've recommended Patrick Boyce to everyone I know and he has already signed up another two homes from my referrals within a week of selling. He's a true professional and a genuinely nice guy. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better Agent. Thank you Patrick and see you next time